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Zentrada – License Barometer September-November 2016 Frozen is back at the Top

December 23, 2016

Already for the second time this year, Disney's long-standing champion, Frozen, recaptures the first place after losing against a high-flyer. Also the media hype around the game Pokemon or the promotion pressure of Star Wars can't displace the popular girl licensing theme from the top lastingly.


The popular girl licensing theme around the snow queen shows real stand up qualities. For the second time already it was able to recapture the popularity throne. The zentrada  trend barometer analyzes the search, click and order behaviour on the 8  zentrada wholesale order platforms in Europe and thus provides information about the market development in licensed product business.

As a new shooting star, the theme of Trolls is emerging. The cheerful and colorful trolls conquer not only the hearts of the children by storm. Already, the topic is ranked 3rd – But if you look at how fast the topic of trolls is growing, it could soon be in the first place.


For the coming year, zentrada has compiled an overview of the upcoming license events (graphic page 2). This calendar shows various highlights:

In January the new film with Fireman Sam comes to the cinemas. Then it‘s time for „Alien Alert!“. In May, the fans of Pirates of the Caribbean can look forward to the fifth sequel of the spectacle.

In the summer of 2017 it's getting really hot. First, the small yellow monsters named Minions in "Despicable 3" conquer the cinema screens and probably the children's hearts. hen the fantasy adventure Spider-Man Homecoming follows.

In August the first Emoji movie "Express Yourself" will be released and the public favorite Cars starts in September with it's 3rd sequel. And last but not least: Shortly before Christmas, Star Wars Episode 8 will be launched, eagerly awaited since last year, and Luke Skywalker will hopefully return.

"Regarding the abundance of exciting and popular licensing issues, we expect a clear revival of the licensed product business for 2017," predicts zentrada CEO Ingo Schloo.

 zentrada is, with over 15,000 items regarding 60 license topics and over 15 top suppliers from Europe, the leading online platform for the wholesale purchase of licensed products for many smaller and independent retailers.

With Setino, Herding, Dinotoys, Textiel-Trade, Lamaloli, Diomercado, Cash Licences, PepeToys, Ten-Trade, Regalos 4M, Regaliz, Royal Textile, numerous manufacturers and wholesalers offer their items at top conditions, low minimum order values and short delivery times for order processing via zentrada and TradeSafe.


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