zentrada Press Release 2014

zentrada Service Awards

Zentrada honors their best suppliers in the consumer good trade

The European buyer network zentrada launches a quality offensive and honors the best wholesale suppliers from the zentrada.network with Service Awards of the year 2013. The awards were committed on March 26 at the international special good exhibition in Cologne.

The lucky winners: Andrea Schulte und Jürgen Bock (m.) from Kesef jewellery with Hubert Wanner, head of supplier relations at zentrada. Right picture: Winner in the category Customer Satisfaction: the Company Tiny Tony (here Mrs Tan-Schöpp) with Hubert Wanner.

“The independent wholesale and retail trade can only survive in the long term with a service orientated partnership.” Explains zentrada manager Ingo Schloo at the awarding. A very important part of the service partnership is the easy and safe online processing of wholesale trades, but it requires similarly from buyer and supplier a developmental process to benefit most from the chances and advantages. Already today, the zentrada.network connects many independent retailers through an efficient online trade marketplace for the European wholesale and supports their suppliers in the optimizing of their assortments and service quality.
Furthermore zentrada is going to make another big step in the quality improvement with the future annual awards and honors the best suppliers in different important disciplines.  
The zentrada supplier were evaluated concerning the following five important disciplines: 

-          Reaction Time
-          Shipping Time
-          Problem Percentage
-          Shipping Costs
-          Customer Satisfaction

The basis for an objective appraisal ist he internal order processing system TradeSafe wit more than 100.000 transacted customer requests, orders and deliveries in 2013. The best supplier in the different categories with more than 50 transacted orders was picked from this collected data. For example, for the customer satisfaction category more than 20.000 delivery evaluations and resale rates of the suppliers were checked.

As a buyer network zentrada certainly values safety and quality for all trading partners and adjusted its systems and services for best possible customer satisfaction.

The smaller suppliers with tiny assortments and European orientation showed the service benchmarks in 2013. The winner in the category “Reaction Time” is the fashion supplier Best4You Ltd from Hungary. In the Categories “Delivery time” and “Problem Percentage” Kesef Jewelry GmbH wins the first place. Extraordinary low are the “Delivery Costs” of the firm DANLOBinfo from Poland. The winner in the category “Customer Satisfaction” is the supplier Tiny Tony from Germany.

“The service requirements of the buyers are extremely high in online trade and small suppliers with a focus on Internet and Europe are obviously more capable of fulfilling them.” so Ingo Schloo.

In the five top-ten listings are 12 suppliers that are not from Germany, but from the rest of Europe. The zentrada.network connects through different wholesale marketplaces 300.000 independent retailers and commercial Buyers with importers, producers and wholesalers throughout Europe. 


About the zentrada.network

“Independent retailers are really close to the customers, but often far away from the best suppliers.” The 2002 founded and today by far leading online based trading network for consumer goods wants to solve this problem for its members in Germany and Europe. 
Today, more than 310.000 commercial buyer have access online to wholesale offers from more than 1.000 importers, producers and wholesalers. They offer assortment products, trend and brand articles as well es special items from all product groups of the consumer good market
On the closed zentrada wholesale marketplaces in eight different countries are more than 400.000 offers from all over Europe listed and can be ordered directly online. 
Furthermore, the integrated TradeSafe order and payment processing makes it possible to operate easily shopping carts and orders from many different suppliers and also to order even internationally without any risk for the trading partners with our 100% Buyer Protection.
The Basic Membership for commercial wholesale purchase is free. 
The Professional Membership provides some special features, for example a 14-days member magazine, special price comparison functions and many other features, that make the successful wholesale purchase easier for you.