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  • Acces to more than 1.000 importers and wholesalers from throughout Europe with 400.000 offers to order online 
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  • 100% Buyer Protection and Best Price Guarantee* with the free TradeSafe order processing in the zentrada.network 
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Your advantages as a Supplier

  • With your zentrada.Shop you create a product catalog for more than 300.000 commercial resellers throughout Europe 
  • European-wide promotion and sales processing through our order marcetplaces, newsletter and service teams in 8 countries
  • No financial risks or fix costs. Easy weakly statement of transaction and payment. 
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Benefit from the Advantage of a big and free Buying Community 

Win with buying online due to many product ideas and favorable conditions: the zentrada.network connects more than 300.000 independent retailers with the online shops of top suppliers throughout Europe. 
Moreover zentrada provides resellers free access to more than 400.000 product offers, convenient online order processing and free TradeSafe Buyer Protection with service offices in 8 european countries. 
You also benefit as a member from the advantages of the internet and the experiences of more than 300.000 fellow members: unique rankings and evaluations are generated from your activities 

A Login to more than 1.000 top Suppliers from Germany and Europe

We are always searching throughout Europe for new suppliers with all ranges of product lines. With your account you open wholesale Shops & Salesrooms of more than 1.000 suppliers with their current prices for your business. You will be also informed about the assets of the suppliers by customer evaluations and rankings. Furthermore you are able to avoid the safety and language troubles with the free TradeSafe order processing.

Giant Variety and great Prices with Online Research, Price Comparison and Order Processing 

It doesn´t matter if you find products really easy with the search function and compare the prices or if you use the product categories register to get to know new product ideas or trends: zentrada provides you with the right way to your themes. During these processes the Performance Index (PFI) informs you about the popluarity of particular products and additionally rankings show the bestseller and most successfull suppliers. 

Conveniant Managing of Different Suppliers and Orders

Your TradeSafe order portal provides you a complete summary of all your suppliers, shopping carts, offers, orders and reorders. The processing is that easy, that it is no problem anymore to make small or big orders throughout europe without any language knowledge. 
In addition informs you the email alert automatically about new offers from your suppliers or about new products to your search criterions.

100% Buyer Protection and Best Price Guarantee in the Wholesale Purchase 

With the payment through TradeSafe you enjoy the free Buyer Protection. In this process the supplier receives the money not until he delivered successfully. If any problems occured, the TradeSafe Customer Service would work on a quick solution. 
The supplier as well makes his processing easier and increases his security, but has to pay for the expanses of this service. 
Furthermore the supplier guarantees you through TradeSafe the same prices and special discounts he would give in a direct order.